Professional Translation Services

Get your documents or text-based content translated in 60+ languages by a professional translator for just $0.10 per word with 24 hour delivery.

Standard Translation

Standard translations are interpretive translations; they properly convey the true meaning of the source document. This type of translation is perfect for business or personal use of critical documents where certification isn’t required, but a high level human translation is in order to guarantee the quality of the final translation.

We deliver standard translations in an editable Microsoft Word format (DOCX). You are then free to modify, format, etc. the translation to your needs. We can translate directly in a formatted file, such as Powerpoint or Illustrator, upon request. Revisions are included free of charge with all of our translation services.

Standard translations are best suited for high importance documents such as employee manuals, financial statements, legal documents, business communications, and many other types of documents when certification isn’t required, but a high quality professional translation is still required.



Per page

Translated by a professional

Delivery starts at 24 hours

Expedited turnaround available

Delivered in editable format

Revisions included

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